Handicap Trucks

Mobility trucks are best option for disabled drivers who wants to enjoy full 4×4 wheel power. You do not need to drive full size or mini sized mobility van when you could have a handicap trucks. In the growing market of the wheelchair accessible vehicles you will find great new and used handicap trucks that will met all your specific needs when it comes to engine power, interior, wheelchair/scooter lift or other equipment and accessories. This concept has given many wheelchair bound drivers the opportunity to have a vehicle that better suits their needs versus the traditional mini-van.

One of the market bestsellers and most reliable brand are Chevy Silverado, Dodge Megacab and GMC Sierra. These heavy duty vehicles are designed for mostly 5 passengers, they have 4×4, can accommodates wheelchairs and have standard lift (750 lb) for mobility scooters or wheelchairs, towing capacity for boats and trailers, 3 year warranty, and not to mention all are crash tasted safe for front, side and rear impact. They are durable vehicle that can take you comfortably down the road or Off Road.
Handicap TrucksRyno Mobility and Mobility SVM are best known companies for handicap truck conversions. Ryno Mobility is based in Florida and is best known for mobility truck conversions besides they are in the business of minivan conversion and they also make accessible SUV’s. As a result of their work we have modern and great designed conversions. Handicap Trucks from Ryno will get you where you need to go for many years to come. Farming, rural areas, boating, camping, construction professionals all can be done with the Ryno Mobility Truck. They are the first in the world to have designed and built the ramp truck accessible vehicle. This conversion is a culmination of design, fabrication and assembly. If you need some additional portable hand controls and devices can be included in truck conversions. Often, these additional mobility products can be bought and installed at a local Ryno Mobility dealership. These dealers also provide service, maintenance, and repairs. One of them is Better life Mobility Center in La Mesa, California.

Other major brand like we said before is Mobility SVM. They are founded in 2009, known as GoShichi. Through acquisition, Mobility SVM, LLC was established in March 2012. Their team is building their mobility trucks in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Vehicles are available with either 4×4 or 2×4 drivetrain options, in addition to many other features such as color, interior fabric, and add-on amenities.

SVM has changed the playing field and it is not level. Now you can have a rugged vehicle that can take you comfortably down the road or across an open field. They have engineered a lift system that will put you behind the wheel of one of the most capable, adaptable vehicles on the road today. This product lifts your unoccupied manual wheelchair, scooter or power chair from the front door of your pickup truck and stores it in the bed for transport, all at the touch of a button. Product quality, consistent on-time delivery, and exceptional customer satisfaction are their main precedence.


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